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User Info To All The 'Woke' Firms, Colleges And Others; entered at 2021-04-07 09:26:24
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Registered: 2014-09-09 New Hampshire
Hello Karl,

I hope you don't mind but I have been utilizing some of your work in communication with my kid's School superintendent. To his credit, he has called me twice to listen to my concerns and promises to continue to take into account my perspective on masks and vaccines. We have been in communication thru email as well.

I was sadden to see this news yesterday...

A track and field coach was fired for not forcing his athletes to wear masks while participating in events. The superintendent was sympathetic but did say he was fired for insubordination. The policy is left to each district and apparently this town is a bunch of mask nazis. I will refuse to do any business in this town going forward.

2021-04-07 09:26:24