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User Info To All The 'Woke' Firms, Colleges And Others; entered at 2021-04-07 08:13:09
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At the North Bridge of Concord, Massachusetts on April 1775 there was an uneasy standoff between local farmers and militia, and a squad of Redcoats left to hold the town side of the bridge while the main body of the military column went into Concord proper to search for guns and powder. The two groups at the bridge faced off from opposite sides of the river. Guns loaded and at the ready, but no one fired. It was unthinkable for the locals to fire on their own, their fellow British, blocking access into town. It was only when the locals saw smoke rising from the direction of town that they leveled their guns on the Redcoats and fired.
The locals believed the soldiers were burning their homes. (In fact, only a few bits of contraband were being burned in the street.) It's only the threat of personal loss that gets people off their ass and into action. What distinguishes the Colonists is their tactical intelligence. The locals immediately understood that they couldn't go head-to-head against Regulars. The Colonists fought smart, "Indian-style". They won the day sending the Regulars back to Boston in disarray.
Government and Corporate terrorists can be beaten today if Patriotic Americans keep a cool head and fight smart. And, there are better ways than guns to beat these monsters.
Resist Creatively!
2021-04-07 08:13:09