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User Info Piece Of Crap Dies; entered at 2021-04-07 04:50:28
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Registered: 2009-02-28 DFW, Tx
Je set the standard for what we have today. I suspect 75% of the people in the House are in the same pool. You only need look at the ones they want to get rid of to find the honest ones. We have a guy in the White House with a credible charge of Sexual assault against him and crickets. Credible evidence he had been and probably still is peddling influence. We have a literal ***** as VP and a money grubbing, lying bitch as speaker. The Republicans aren't much better.

Funny that getting laid, while out on the town is suddenly a crime, but encouraging your 6 year old son to cut his pecker off is admirable. Under any reasonable standard, we have been gaslighted. We even have major corporations endorsing election rigging, under the cover of some kind of nonsense social justice that black people are too stupid to have identification. As a black person, if they are too stupid and you night get punched. I get asked for an ID to put money into the credit union. But the people who claim to represent blacks contend they can't get an ID. Now we know how Hastings got elected.
2021-04-07 04:50:28