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Blackcrow wrote..
In these mRNA vaccines, we are vaccinating people against the very part of the virus that wants to mutate, ie the spike protein. That is, we are inducing incredible immunologic pressure on the very part of the virus responsible for producing variants - we are giving it every reason to mutate. That seems an.... unwise....strategy to me.

I have emailed the vaccine leaders in every major hospital in Houston, TX with just this question and received zero reply. Crickets.

This scenario, if true, plus the very real issue of ADE, is an absolute, civilization ending disaster.

Kobobeware wrote..
This needs to be circulated and the "missing" data that Israel has needs to be published. There is CLEARLY no statistical reason for the jab. The data sets prove it. If this data was presented on a standalone basis asking for a vaccine for a mystery virus, those asking for the vaccine would be literally laughed off the stage. Any pharma company, looking at this raw data, would NEVER have spent a dime on a vaccine. There would be no money to be made.

Smooth wrote..
TG, Thank you for posting such a comprehensive summary of this paper. As a physician, this type of stuff makes me ashamed of my profession.

I tell people that particularly if they are not elderly, the likelihood is that their risk of dying is higher if they get the experimental drugs ("vaccines") than if they do not, because although this data is available, it is deliberately being hidden.

Kobobeware wrote..
I spent 15 minutes this morning on a call with a medical pro and after reviewing the data with him he was literally speechless. His words to me ... "we are intentionally murdering people." He was sick to his stomach as he initially urged people to get the jab.

You could post the above in a full page ad in the Wall Street Journal, and the entirety of the Government, Medical-Industrial Complex, and the Mass / Social Media would not cover one single point.

They are all guilty of Crimes Against Humanity.

On the other hand, if say a person were to run for high public office, for instance, Governor of a large state, and quote the above in their announcement, it would be pretty hard for the media to ignore it at that point.........
2021-04-06 17:29:58