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User Info Piece Of Crap Dies; entered at 2021-04-06 16:53:04
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Registered: 2013-06-26 Pacific Northwest
Greenacr, I was sort of hoping Leaky Leahy would get all wee-wee'd up and just keel over up on the dais during Peach Mint 2.0 - that would have flipped the Senate on the spot, 'cause his Gov (Le Petomaine, I think) is some flavor of not-'Rat and would have been in charge of excreting a different parasite into his office.

That would have been pretty fun to watch, eh? But hope springs eternal; the old coot is still there (along with dozens of other old coots) and he's not getting any healthier day by day.

C'mon, Satan!
2021-04-06 16:53:04