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User Info Fear Porn Fraud EXPOSED; entered at 2021-04-06 15:07:04
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TG, Thank you for posting such a comprehensive summary of this paper. As a physician, this type of stuff makes me ashamed of my profession.

I tell people that particularly if they are not elderly, the likelihood is that their risk of dying is higher if they get the experimental drugs ("vaccines")than if they do not, because although this data is available, it is deliberately being hidden.

We all know damn well that if the overall mortality of the vaccinated group in this study was lower than the non-vaccinated group, they would have screamed it from the freaking rooftops.

When I try to educate people about basic COVID facts, they just look at me like they are robots programmed by Fauci and the MSM -- I guess because that is what they really are.

Maybe 5% of all adults in this country are capable of independent critical thought, and even that WAG might be optimistic.
2021-04-06 15:07:04