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User Info Piece Of Crap Dies; entered at 2021-04-06 12:33:21
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I remember seeing a bit of the impeachment of Alcee Hastings on the TEEVEE. I wasn't aware that a second vote was required to keep the convicted party from running for office. In retrospect you might guess that the Democrat members knew that Hastings had a loyal and ready-made constituency that would vote for him and saw him as a loyal party member and team player. Republicans could be counted on to not ask for the second vote to keep Hastings from being able to hold office lest they were accused of being rayyycisss. The crook Marion Barry was re-elected mayor of Washington AC/DC by a constituency remarkably similar to Alcee Hastings'.
How long will it take Nancy Pelosi to arrange Hastings' laying in state in the Capitol rotunda? Such is the state of our sacred deeemocracyyyy.
Hastings ashes should be flushed down the nastiest toilet in Florida.
2021-04-06 12:33:21