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2021-04-06 11:28 by Karl Denninger
in Politics , 257 references Ignore this thread
Piece Of Crap Dies
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Alcee Hastings, specifically.

He's dead of pancreatic cancer.  So what?

Let me remind you that as a sitting judge appointed by Jimmy Carter he was impeached and convicted, being removed from office for taking bribes, perjury and tampering with evidence.

In other words he tampered with cases before him in exchange for money, which, for those who are too stupid to parse this means he deliberately screwed litigants before him in his courtroom for his own personal profit.

For this he was justly removed by the US Senate.

But that wasn't the end of him.  No, in South Florida, you see, you can be convicted of ****ing people over for money as a sitting judge and then run for Congress and win!  Which he did.  The Senate, after his impeachment, declined to take the second vote to bar him from public office in the future, believing it was unnecessary since you'd think screwing people for profit and getting caught was enough.

They were wrong; in 1992 he was elected to the US House and served 15 consecutive terms.

"Congressman Alcee Hastings was my friend," Democratic National Committee chairman Jaime Harrison tweeted. "I’m heartbroken to hear this news! He was passionate, emotional, a straight & no chaser type of Member. He loved his constituents & he took time to teach young staffers from the bumps in life he experienced."

Of course; Democrat values include taking bribes, screwing litigants for personal profit and then, even after being caught and convicted counting on the fact that voters will pull the lever for someone with the right party letter after their name even if the actual name on the ballot is "SATAN".

After all what better set of characteristics for a Congressperson than someone who has already demonstrated that they're perfectly happy to be bribed?  You could only do better if you added a few trips on Lolita Express to your resume.

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