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User Info Fear Porn Fraud EXPOSED; entered at 2021-04-06 10:59:44
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I think it will be worse that just the miniscule "improvement" buried in the appendix. This is an incredibly short follow up for such a massive experiment.

I believe this report was written by Israel AND Pfizer. Both have substantial vested interests in a "good outcome" and I will leave it at that.

There is a concept of serial passage in virus research. You passage the virus through serial animal hosts until you select the attribute you want. You never give the virus time enough to evolve naturally and do what viruses want to do which is spread around and make friends. That is why all bacterial/viral/parasitic infections attenuate through time. The host and the bug achieve equilibrium with each other.

In these mRNA vaccines, we are vaccinating people against the very part of the virus that wants to mutate, ie the spike protein. That is, we are inducing incredible immunologic pressure on the very part of the virus responsible for producing variants - we are giving it every reason to mutate. That seems an.... unwise....strategy to me.

I have emailed the vaccine leaders in every major hospital in Houston, TX with just this question and received zero reply. Crickets.

A human simply cannot produce enough neutralizing antibodies (remember that term) to clear 100% of an infection with any vaccine strategy. There were reports of variant already occurring before the first vaccine. Interesting that the variants are now increasing after the vaccination campaign, no?

So you remove 90% of virus A, attenuate an infection, but are now harboring and giving sanctuary to variant B. There will be some cross immunity to B but studies have show than you need to have polyclonal antibodies, that is antibodies to multiple epitopes of the spike, to clear virus. We are not doing that with this vaccine strategy.

We are essentially interfering with the natural evolution of a virus epidemic by promoting the mutation of the virus within a host while at the same time inducing passage within that host of virus that escaped the first immunological challenge.

So the vaccinated person may have attenuated covid infection, that is shown, but he/she is now shedding variant virus that has a completely unknown profile, hence the appearance of variants in younger or non vaccinated people, which is happening.

I think this is known to the "experts", hence the recommendation to keep wearing a mask, social distancing, etc.

This scenario, if true, plus the very real issue of ADE, is an absolute, civilization ending disaster.

Trust the Amish, there is a reason they have survived as they have for 100s of years.

2021-04-06 10:59:44