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User Info They Don't Believe It And Aren't Doing It; entered at 2021-04-05 21:21:59
Posts: 26
Registered: 2021-04-04 Texas
WooHoo! Texas could have used some of that 250GW during our Snowpocalypse!

We came within minutes of having either a hard shut down or an outright crash early on that Monday morning. Both would have resulted in very expensive and difficult to replace things being broken, likely for a long time as most of them are probably made in China.

Our legistlators bent the knee to the Green Lunatics and put 24% of our power as windmills. Karl has covered the idiocy of running natural gas pumps on electricity instead of the gas in the freaking line.

ERCOT, who was put in charge of our grid, is run by finance and marketing guys, not a manjack engineer among them.

Our local and state "authorities" did an execrable job of preparing the state for a cold weather situation that hadn't been seen here in 120 year - when there was no indoor plumbing and people used wood stores for heat. Sheesh.

And now we are told we have to be carbon neutral because the planet is heating or cooling or who can keep the stories straight these days, while these hypocritical bastards fly around on their private jets and live in 24,000 sq ft houses. Oh but China and India get a pass, per the Tokyo Accords and now this.

They hate us, they really really hate us. Their agenda is Death and their goal is the destruction of Western Civilization.

I hope their 30 pieces of silver is worth it.

2021-04-05 21:21:59