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User Info They Don't Believe It And Aren't Doing It; entered at 2021-04-05 11:55:45
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The atmospheric concentration of CO2 has been well over 1000ppm (sometimes as high as 7000ppm) during most of geological history. In fact, CO2 concentrations have been declining over the past 30 million year or so. Plants grow best in greenhouses with high CO2 concentrations. This alone should tell you that the climate change as an impending disaster is completely rubbish.

Coal and oil are actually quite plentiful. There are many centuries of both. The transportation cost is a significant percentage of the total cost of coal. No one prospects for coal because there is so much of it in known reserves. Coal is from land biomass and oil is from ocean biomass. I believe the total amount of ocean biomass has always been several times that of land biomass through out most of Earth's history. The franking revolution has made this abundantly clear. There is a reason why the Oil Drum blog site shut down some years ago.

In the long term, nuclear processes (fission and fusion) are the only way to go.
2021-04-05 11:55:45