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User Info They Don't Believe It And Aren't Doing It; entered at 2021-04-05 08:51:50
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Texas got the first taste of the final stages of Green Mania to stop Glo-Bull Warming.

As I read in a recent article on the topic, every state which is getting serious about eliminating fossil fuels for power generation has utilities whose back up plan is to buy electricity from neighboring states.

I'm pretty sure that the engineers and executives of the utilities understand that a country wide system where everyone relies on everyone else to supply excess power when needed won't work when the chips are down, yet that is the official story they choose to sell to government regulators.

Apparently government regulators are willing to turn a blind eye to the realities of physics in order to appease the tree huggers who believe that increasing CO2 levels from 0.4% of the atmosphere to some slighty larger level (yet still < 1%) is going to spontaneously destroy the planet.

Meanwhile, as TG noted, the Chinese are pushing ahead with a sensible approach to provide the energy they will need to become the globe's largest economic powerhouse economy in the not-too-distant future, while the US economy commits economic suicide with windmills, solar cells, and lithium-ion batteries that tend to explode and burn when put under electrical stress.

Confucious Say:

Man with Green Power turn Red in the Summer and Blue in the Winter.

2021-04-05 08:51:50