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User Info They Don't Believe It And Aren't Doing It; entered at 2021-04-05 07:56:22
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Registered: 2019-09-26
I can't wait for Dr. William Gates to block out the sun and cause another Ice Age. At least the skiing and snowmobiling will be good. **** the agriculture industry, we don't need that right? And solar panels? With no sunlight? Who thought that up?

I remember learning about the drowning polar bears back in 6th grade and I voiced my doubts in class. The teacher wasn't too happy, and it's not like I had the mental skills at the time to argue a point, but that is a sign that even back then I could smell the bull****. Everything I've learned on the subject since has proven my doubts to be justified.

**** the climate screamers. If they want to screw themselves to save the planet that's on them. As for me, I'm not giving up my electricity, or my heating, or my right to travel. I'm not going to live in a pod, I'm not going to eat bugs, I'm not giving up MY way of life. Anyone who wants to force me can argue with some 3200fps retorts.
2021-04-05 07:56:22