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@Mpoenie why don't you go look at a non-doctored source to fit the mRNA bull****?

Like this one that hasn't been changed:

A vaccine trains your immune system to produce antibodies( proteins that fight disease), exactly like it would if you were exposed to the disease. But vaccines work without making us sick from the infection because vaccines typically contain pieces of dead, weakened, or lab-made substances that stimulate your immune system.

Note the BOLDED section. It's important.

A vaccine is a "drug" (definition: "a medicine or other substance which has a physiological effect when ingested or otherwise introduced into the body.") but a drug is not necessarily a vaccine.

A substance that produces a synthetic, non-identical response believed to be protective to some disease is not a vaccine, it is a drug.

An mRNA injection causes your body to produce a specific set of proteins (it does not CONTAIN the protein) which the immune system then recognizes and forms antibodies.

HOWEVER, those antibodies are distinct and distinguishable from those that result from natural infection or an actual vaccine; they are NOT identical. For this reason they are not vaccines.

This is a problem for two specific reasons that are DISTINCT from the potential hazards of vaccines and drugs generally, which include (but are not limited to) potential intermediate and long-term immune system dysregulation:

1. We do not KNOW if these synthetically-produced antibodies produce sterilizing immunity. Natural infection does for the duration of the antibody titer above some threshold and some measure of protection beyond through both T and B cell recognition. Sterilizing immunity is the entire basis of public health benefit from vaccination; without it the benefit is only personal and in fact there is direct and potentially severe public health RISK from such a product. An injection that does not produce sterilizing immunity, while it may protect the person who receives it must never be widely promulgated into the population; its use is justified in small, targeted, high-risk persons, but MUST NEVER be distributed to a material concentration of the population. The reason for this is that natural selection with all viruses tends toward those mutations that produce easier transmission and/or less virulence. A mutation that transmits more easily "wins" as it gets the victim first, and one that is less-virulent is less-likely to produce revulsion by other humans toward said victim (people tend to stay away from obviously-ill individuals) which again makes that mutation "win." Non-sterilizing immunity voids the latter preference while maintaining the former and thus KILLS PEOPLE OVER TIME. Again, just to be crystal-clear: ANY PRODUCT THAT DOES NOT PRODUCE STERILIZING IMMUNITY MUST NEVER BE DISTRIBUTED ON A WIDESPREAD PROPHYLACTIC BASIS TO MATERIAL PERCENTAGES OF THE POPULATION OR THE ODDS ARE VERY HIGH THAT IT WILL KILL PEOPLE OVER TIME BY DIRECTLY PROMOTING TRANSMISSION OF MORE-VIRULENT STRAINS OF THE DISEASE THAT WOULD OTHERWISE FAIL TO BE TRANSMITTED TO OTHERS AND THUS DIE OUT. WE DID NOT TEST FOR THIS AND THE PEOPLE WHO ALLOWED SUCH WIDE DISTRIBUTION WITHOUT SAID PROOF ARE INTENTIONALLY INCITING AND PROMOTING THE RISK OF MASS-DEATH.

2. Any product that produces a distinct antibody is per-se dangerous to the person who gets the injection because you have now generated a "tag" that never exists in the natural world. If an adversary figures out how to construct a virus that is enhanced (e.g. ADE) by the presence of said tag (instead of inhibited) YOU ARE ****ED and there is nothing you can do about it. This approach has NEVER been used before for this exact reason; for literal decades bioweapons research has sought as its first and foremost goal the discover of such "tags" among proposed target populations that are not present in the attacker's population as this resolves THE problem with bioweapons -- once you release them you cannot control what happens in terms of their spread and the risk of them killing your own people is extremely high.

In general vaccines have proved to be both safe and effective measures for both personal and public-health reasons. These injections are not vaccines as they violate BOTH the cardinal rules of same; they are NOT proved to produce sterilizing immunity AND they produce a distinct antibody titer that never exists as a result of natural infection.

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