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2021 NY Resolution: Take your mask and shove it up your ass.
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User Info How The Left Hides The Sausage....; entered at 2021-02-21 12:44:43
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Registered: 2021-02-15 Northern Alabama
I could send this link or even cut and paste and pass off as mine
(I wouldn't :)and my trump humping dad, stepmom, older sis, dumbass bil, and obviously my blacksheep lil sis who prays to the alter of xiden AND nothing would move them. Absolutely nothing. These are relatively smart and insightful people too; especially my dad. I gave up on them officially after xmas. I can say the same for my oldest best buddy for over 30 years now. He literally said... but Mike...It's the gov't dude telling you these facts backed by that genius fauci. OMFG! I had no words. And this dude and I grew up in the same town, basically same kind of parents, friends, etc. All I said is "well man....I just don't see things like that anymore."

We're all truly ****ed. This will not end. With over 90% compliance across the board, these things will continue. They know it works and it will continue to be exploited. BUT.... there are pockets around the country who get it. Just returned from Lowes for a few items. I saw about 25-30% maskholed up. Down from at least half and the beauty is no one hassles anyone anymore. GET OUT OF BIG CITIES! Is the only advice I can give anyone at this point who know this is all bull****.
2021-02-21 12:44:43