How The Left Hides The Sausage....
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2021-02-21 08:46 by Karl Denninger
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How The Left Hides The Sausage....
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.....right up your ass.

The Atlantic started the "Covid Tracking Project" when they had a great villain -- Donald Trump -- who they could beat over the head.  They, along with the rest of the media, participated in hiding the Cuomo nursing home deaths, never investigating and never caring.  Ditto for those in Michigan, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.  There was not one complaint about banning drugs from being used against Covid-19, even though off-label prescriptions have been explicitly legal since the FDA was founded.

Nor was there a single complaint from any of these so-called "journalists" about the fact that myriad "non profit" entities, from Gates' evil spawn to the NIH and CDC to Vanderbilt to Johns Hopkins to many others all did not spend a single nickel running the data through a quick screen for all reasonably safe pharmaceutical and nutritional substances and then performing clinical trials with informed consent on those that might work.

And let me be clear: This is not by any means limited to The Atlantic; it stretches across the entirety of "organized journalism", all of which had a hard-on for Trump and was willing to destroy the economy, the education of children and watch your grandmother choke to death in order to "get" him.

We knew by summer that several inexpensive means of interdiction of this disease existed and did work -- specifically, HCQ + Zinc + {Z-Pak/Doxycycline}, Ivermectin and Vitamin D.  Vitamin D deficiency turns out to be wildly associated with serious and fatal Covid-19 outcomes -- and is both disturbingly common and very easy to correct.  Indeed, that association is so strong that had we put an effort into correcting that for pennies we might have prevented half or more of all the deaths with that single step alone.

We knew that certain others had failed, and for still more there was conflicting information -- for example while very high dose IV Vitamin C might work in certain cases it was not effective in reasonably-usable oral amounts.

Still other potential therapeutics continued to be studied by small and non-US groups again, which the nation with the largest medical system and biggest bunch of both political and medical *****s refused participation and slowly, over the months, the data came in on those -- now including utterly astounding efficiency for inhaled steroidsagain a treatment we knew was safe because asthma suffers had used them for decades and once again they're cheap.  How scared would you have been with an immediate and permanent 90% reduction in mortality and morbidity from this disease using that one therapy alone?  Why do you need a vaccine when you can stop 90% of the damage immediately?

Who's responsible for deliberately ignoring a 90% reduction in death with a cheap inhaler you can use at home?  How about a nearly 100% reduction in transmission to health care workers from using Ivermectin?  If none of the workers had taken the virus into nursing homes how many infections and deaths would have been avoided?

The questions around safety of the so-called "vaccines" (which are not vaccines by the actual medical definition just as calling a person with XY chromosomes a woman cannot make him a woman no matter how many times you repeat it) remain unresolved.  The VARES data says that these shots are associated with a wildly-elevated risk of death compared against everything else that is an actual vaccine and has been followed, including varicella (Chicken Pox), measles, mumps and..... the annual flu shot.  While the former are all typically given to children the latter is typically given to high-risk people every single year and yet in this last year only 20 fatalities have been associated (not caused, associated) with the seasonal flu shot.  Over 600 have been associated (but not proved caused) by the Covid-19 shots, which is 30 times the fatality rate among similar populations and thus similar risk profiles of dropping dead from unrelated causes.

Does this mean they're a "bad deal" all the way around?  Not necessarily.  Even with the risk of an adversary being able to use the "tag" to attack us and unknown intermediate and long-term risks for some people, particularly the most-seriously morbid, they might present a good risk:reward on the mathematics.  However every Health Department that can publicize the jabs as a universal nostrum is doing exactly that, parading around all those people "proud" to take the jab.  These people are ghouls; they are the very same health departments that spoke up against the use of known safe and likely effective things to interdict and stop death by Covid as it did not fit their political and ideological agenda.  For most people the jab is, like it or not, a bad deal again, simply on the math and that's ignoring the unknowns we deliberately did not investigate due to time which is never wise.

These "Health Departments" are monsters -- every single one of them and every one of their employees.

Since I'm clubbing The Atlantic over the head I would like to point out that I've found their data very useful and used it -- and thank them for collecting, processing and presenting it -- because it was at least consistently collected and presented.  That's one of the big problems with state-level data generally -- it's all over the place, especially when it comes to how its broken out, and this means that a cohesive one-stop place for all of it is indeed rather useful -- despite the shortcomings.

It's especially useful when a publication that is on a given side of some political alignment presents data that destroys the very case that their own side attempts to make -- such as claims that masking orders work.

Now The Atlantic has announced that as of March they're shutting down The Covid Tracking Project.  Why?  I argue that despite their protests otherwise the reason is that the data proves the vaccines were worthless as public health tools; they came too late to impact the path of infection which had already rolled over before the first needle went in the first arm.  As I have repeatedly pointed out and which the data has shown since this began that which you do after something happens cannot cause the thing to happen.

Yet we've seen this in said data repeatedly, particularly with mask orders after a roll-over in cases and then an increase in cases after the mask order is passed which was supposed to suppress transmission.  The data says it did either nothing or made it worse.  The poster child for this stupidity was Hawaii which saw a roughly ten fold increase in cases after passing its order.

Not a single complaint came from the media, including The Atlantic, about this wildly-obvious disconnect that repeatedly proved the measures were worthless at best.  Instead they all turned their "reporting" into something out of HG Wells Time Machine or even Orwell's 1984 in which a curve that was falling but turns and rises two weeks after a mask order is put in place is called "working", presumably because more people getting sick would be "working."  Exactly zero mainstream media outlets, including The Atlantic, took Fauci, Redfield and now the new CDC Director and President's claims in this regard and ran them through a few times with the obvious in-your-face truth using nothing more than the very data they were collecting and publicly presenting!

Not one complaint was raised about the obvious, in-your-face reality that actions taken after an event occurs cannot possibly be the cause of the event and that if you do something and the situation becomes worse you must face the fact that at best your action was almost-certainly worthless and might have caused or at least contributed to the deterioration.

Now that the data set is conclusive and proves the shots were too late and case counts were already collapsing before they were administered and, as a result, this thing is over and the jab-jab-fest only comes with potential harms for public health the lefties running it are going to shut the data source down.

Indeed this is exactly the same pattern we just saw with Johns Hopkins where a professor there was told to shut up about the fact that cases and hospitalizations have collapsed -- and right on schedule deaths are rolling over.  Why?  Because once again Orange Man Bad can't be used when Orange Man now resides in Florida and not in the White House, and any sort of look at the data proves that all we got out these "mandates" by politicians on both sides was serious, even critical harm and risk as the virus ran out of people to infect before we got a single shot into a single arm even by ignoring all of the normal safety protocols and testing requirements.

In other words on the data we should have done exactly none of it.  Use the therapeutics and nutritional supplements we have, lock employees into nursing homes so they can't take the infection into the building and, like it or not, the virus will virus but statistically harm nearly nobody.  You can defend some of the crazy in the first couple of months on lack of knowledge but that excuse expired in the summer.

Of course The Atlantic isn't saying it this way; they are instead taking a bow and claiming that there are "better" sources for what they collect and that they were originally driven from the "necessity" of producing scary graphs and figures.  Indeed, look at their own claim:

Every few months through the course of the project, we asked ourselves whether it was possible to wind down. Instead, we saw the federal government continue to publish patchy and often ill-defined data while our world-famous public health agencies remained sidelined and underfunded, their leadership seemingly inert. 

Well, what's changed in that regard?  Certainly not funding.

It wasn't who lives in the White House, was it?

After all you wouldn't want anything contradicting Biden and Harris' dick-sucking and carpet-munching by journalists for that which occurred more than a month before they took office being out there in conclusive form, right?

Oh, you can still get data, and I will still report on that which is reasonable to acquire and process, particularly for my state, but the "one place to correlate it" will be gone in another couple of weeks since it no longer serves the purpose of spreading fear among the population and in fact works directly against inculcating fear when you see the rate of transmission, hospitalization and now death plummeting like a stone.

Which it is, everywhere, mandates or no proving by conclusive standards that exactly zero of the "mitigations" did a damned thing other than screw you up the ass.  They did not prevent any illness or death.


Sweden proved it early, then Florida when DeSantis told all the MaskHole jackwads that their "fines" and other actions were unenforceable as a matter of State Law yet the state had indistinguishable results from California which literally locked down the entire state and now India has proved the same thing on a national scale.

ALL of these "mitigations" were proved as FRAUDS.

Never mind the screwing applied to our kids -- which is still going on.

But it's all the Democrats fault!  Oh really?  What Party was Donald Trump in?  Who did 15 days (that turned into a year) to "slow the spread", who issued an E/O that allowed governors to close states, who let the CDC change their definition of "caused by" grossly inflating the death count, who allowed schools to be closed and who used the DPA to produce worthless ventilators at a cost of billions?  Was that all Democrats?

Didn't think so.

The real question is when -- or will -- the citizens rise and tell the government to go **** itself at all levels irrespective of political party or even make them pay for the death they caused and the imposition of mandates that served no valid public health purpose but screwed the public blind economically and socially.  Many of these same jackasses that cower in fear are literally dancing in the streets that Rush Limbaugh is dead.  May I remind you that Rush is dead because he decided to partake of pleasures that have risk associated with them and lost the bet, yet at no time did he claim that you must stop smoking cigars after he got lung cancer as a likely result of smoking them?  In other words like him or think he was a prick the point remains that he accepted the risk and when the bet turned out poorly he also accepted the consequences and made his peace with God.

Now about all you fat, diabetic hypertensive **********s who think I should hide in my house and wear a rag on my face because you intentionally ate yourself into a 300lb blob.....

Love him or hate him Rush had the integrity to deal with the results of his lifestyle choices -- and you do not.

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