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2021 NY Resolution: Take your mask and shove it up your ass.
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User Info But They'd NEVER Do That...; entered at 2021-02-20 16:04:43
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Whitehat wrote:

Maybe something approaching Star Trek is indeed possible in our immediate children's futures.

You mean Aliens are going to teleport to Earth soon and tell us how backward we are as a species, then deny us membership in the Galactic Council because we're too dangerous to allow off the planet?

That's probably what already happened just before that big meteor killed off the dinosaurs. Who do you suppose might have nudged the comet our way rather than pay the cost of ring-fencing our planet until we learned to play nice?

For all we know Earth was already tagged millennia ago as the outer rim of the Milky Way cockroach motel planet.

Well, OK, I'd prefer the optimistic view too, but we sure seem to be fighting an uphill battle on a very steep hill.

2021-02-20 16:04:43