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2021 NY Resolution: Take your mask and shove it up your ass.
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User Info But They'd NEVER Do That...; entered at 2021-02-20 12:44:53
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Tsherry wrote..
Intelligent people tend to be slaughtered first in a purge, depriving the gene pool of that factor.

holy ****, with this vaccine we actually have a chance to reverse this effect. Our enemies do not even realize what they did for us.

Overall only stupid people take the vaccine or for all effective purposes the useless. They die.

That leaves us. Maybe something approaching Star Trek is indeed possible in our immediate children's futures.

I like to see the bright side. Also, one finds the concept of poisoning interesting. So, if lotsa people are dying around us, are they going to notice a few more or ask why in the crisis?

new reason to smile today.
2021-02-20 12:44:53