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User Info The West's Obituary; entered at 2021-02-14 18:18:33
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Flappingeagle wrote:

All it would take is one generation with a big surplus of 160+ IQ people for China to have the brainpower to easily dominate the world.

It's worse than that. China has 3x the population of the US. Assuming the same natural distribution of IQ in both populations, there are three 160+ IQ Chinese for every 160+ IQ American.

Three Chinese geniuses can work around the clock, forever, in shifts without difficulty where one US genius couldn't possibly keep up for more than a day at the same pace.

All the Chinese have to do is identify the geniuses, train them, and provide them the tools to produce things. The best the US can hope for is to slow the rate at which we fall behind. Combining with European Union adds another 450 million, but that's still only two thirds of the Chinese population.

For the past several decades China has not had the industrial base that the US has, so our productivity was able to keep us out front. Now, the Chinese are industrializing and vying competitively. Soon they will leave us behind.

On top of that, the Chinese don't have cripplingly expensive social programs that consume the capital needed to improve productivity like the US does.

(/sarc on) Naturally our political leaders see the problem and are leaving no stone unturned to right the ship. (/sarc off)

2021-02-14 18:18:33