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User Info The West's Obituary; entered at 2021-02-14 16:39:33
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I said it before Trump took office and I'll say it again, technically we need China more than they need us!

That's damn straight and needs to be repeated. And internalized if we want to "war game" out the probabilities of what China might be able to do with such a bio-weapon as Karl describes.

China has in most of its recent history been more concerned with keeping out western influences and securing natural resources, rather than projecting raw imperial power across the globe. Their naval capability remains quite weak compared with ours. Memories of the British empire and what they did drive a lot of their thinking - they want buffers between themselves and the west.

More recently though China has done a lot of business in Latin America which is traditionally "our sphere of influence" at least since the Monroe doctrine. China might be trying to encircle us, with Latin America to the south and possibly a dying Europe to our east.

If China develops a targeted bio-weapon using the mRNA vaccinated to hit our population, they might be able to skip the military conflict and simply announce they have this weapon, along with a short demonstration. Say, a few thousand Uighur immigrants conveniently vaccinated with Pfizer and then sent to a remote offshore island, where the weaponized virus is then piped in through the air conditioning or something like that. The President of the US or the Joint Chiefs of Staff get to watch of private video of them dying slowly over the next few weeks. Popcorn optional.

An ultimatum is then presented - either withdraw the entire US naval fleet from the Pacific back to Hawaii or US territorial waters further east, along with abandoning any bases in South Korea, the Philippines, and Japan. Or else ... the sleeper cells inside the US, Canada, Japan and any pesky European countries that might object start releasing the bio-weapon.

I'm sure the Chinese are capable of making such a move, the question is, will they?

Without a single shot fired, game over.

I have a bit of an active imagination, so your welcome to poke holes in this.
2021-02-14 16:39:33