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User Info The West's Obituary; entered at 2021-02-14 14:13:16
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Registered: 2020-04-10 Oklahoma
Excellent thread and topic, TG.

Several pertinent videos here (sometimes may take a few seconds to start playing):

First one Robert Kennedy Jr discussion pathogenic priming (ADE). Del Bigtree sums it up at the end what might happen if everyhone gets the vaccine, along the lines of this thread topic. For people unfamiliar with this topic I show them this and it's short (4:36) and to the point with a name a lot of people recognize.

The 2nd one is Dr David Martin, Judy Mikovits, RFK Jr and Rocco Galati (famous Canadian lawyer suing PM of Canada, Premier of Ontario and mayor of Toronto over the virus BS) discussing how this is NOT a vaccine. Again, a short video 6:16.

Last one is from one of the guys I follow and he's here in Oklahoma. He gives his virus/mask experiences going from Oklahoma to California to visit family. I thought this might be of interest to my fellow Oklahomans on here.

2021-02-14 14:13:16