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User Info The West's Obituary; entered at 2021-02-14 13:28:12
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Nickdanger--mentally prepare yourself for that to happen; if it does you're ready. If not, consider that a good thing.

I'm pretty much in the same boat with my blood relatives and many friends.

I've always sort of wondered what it must've been like to been a Native American in the 14-1500's, in a sort-of stable civilization, and then to watch a completely unknown disease tear through your world and kill everyone you know.

I live in an area that was relatively heavily populated by a tribal culture. One of our projects required a cultural resources inventory. We toured the project--a 26 mile-long trail that would be built within a few hundred feet of the Spokane River--with our consulting archaeologist. He stated rather definitively that 600,000 Spokane Indians lived within a mile of the river over their history, and that they, and all their stuff, was still in that area. Those that died 'naturally' pre-pandemic were generally buried within easily identified areas (even now) and we left them alone when the project was constructed. Those that died in the pandemic of introduced European disease were buried haphazardly and on occasion were found during construction, requiring local tribal involvement, but generally they were left in place and the trail built above the remains.

The impacts of the disease(s) were culturally devastating--they lost abilities that were common to their culture, likely due to the death of skilled elders who were unable to pass on their skills to a younger generation...who had also died. The survivors had to band together in unfamiliar units with different skills, cultural norms, and territories to survive. They obviously never recovered. 150 years later, white people started to show up in the initial wave of settling, and the tribes fought back and were decimated again.

China won't wait that long.
2021-02-14 13:28:12