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User Info The West's Obituary; entered at 2021-02-14 10:38:32
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Registered: 2009-06-03 East of Sheol
Truly diabolical. The Chinese got the western nations, Israel, and other portions of the world to tag themselves with the mRNA virus to make their plan of world domination a reality. Something they could not do directly by themselves.

Now my next question is how many Chinese researchers were involved in that "warp speed" mRNA vaccine roll out from these pharmaceutical companies?

Anyone want to make a bet the CCCP was not involved in making the MRNA vaccine through its agents? It's like they already knew what they wanted to push.

Having been in pharma I've seen many drug candidates crash before a promising one could be developed. It might take years to find the right candidate. Seems like the dominos were already aligned.

I realize there is a difference between drug and viral candidates but still all seems a bit too coincidental.

2021-02-14 10:38:32