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User Info The West's Obituary; entered at 2021-02-14 09:51:34
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Registered: 2020-02-07 Ohio
All Trump did was (talk) about how China was not on our side, but most of us already knew that 25 years ago!

Oh yes I know he put on some tariffs, well that would have been a good idea 20 to 25 years ago!

Skilled workers in the West? Yeah they still technically exist except they generally don't have a job at what they're skilled at via they moved most of them over seas!

I said it before Trump took office and I'll say it again, technically we need China more than they need us!

You would have to radically tear apart our current system furthermore you would have to severely regulate American businesses simply by an acting a law that would say that you have to have 98% of your manufacturing base within the US or you're not considered a United States business!

But there is no group of politicians anywhere that's interested in doing it there is no way Trump was even going to touch that!

of course the reason why our companies is did not come jumping and running back in here like the Trump mythology claimed they were going to, is simply a matter of money and the sheer fact that all presidents are temporary and so are the tax breaks and incentives they hand out!

so for instance you can go to China and places like China and you can build tool and staff a factory for 20 to 30 million bucks here in the United States it's going to cost you $150 plus million bucks to do that...

so if you're only getting tax breaks worth 28 million over the course of four years you're certainly not going to be at a big hurry to spend 150 million bucks when chances are you've already opened a factory elsewhere in the world China for number one, and it's been nothing but pure profit since day one and you did it for a hell of a lot less than their crummy tax breaks will ever be worth plus you don't have the EPA barking down your neck!

Bringing our businesses back was never the real agenda, quelling China and trying to limit their trade was never truly part of the agenda that was all a big show!

you must understand that China is one of the huge pillars in the grand scheme of globalization, most of that operation is being headed up by the Federal reserve and they're close family members at the IMF!

folks like Trump and other assorted politicians are nothing more than Federal reserve puppets!

It's like this, if they get word that most of their constituents is complaining about China, complaining about trade, complaining about the lack of industry, complaining about the price of this or that.... Then big man politician is going to get up there and flap their gums about it and pretend to be oh so on your side the reality of it is they get their marching orders from elsewhere, which is why nothing really happens nothing actually changes especially for the better and the bigger agenda still continues which is to put the squeeze on you and me!!

2021-02-14 09:51:34