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User Info The West's Obituary; entered at 2021-02-14 09:18:47
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Registered: 2010-03-28 Oklahoma
Here are some possible dangers of the vaccine.

Immediate severe allergic reaction.

The vaccine can stress your body the same as an infection. There are reports of some people getting 105 F fevers. In people with health issues the reaction could be fatal. There are numerous reports of deaths in nursing homes after getting the vaccine.

There are reports of miscarriages. There are also concerns about long term fertility issues.

There are reports of the vaccine triggering autoimmune disease. There are also concerns about long term autoimmune issues.

There are concerns about ADE which could cause a future viral infection to be fatal.

There is no valid excuse for not doing animal studies before releasing this experimental vaccine. No money? No time? I believe they know the animal studies would find majors issues that would delay the vaccines a long time.

2021-02-14 09:18:47