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User Info The West's Obituary; entered at 2021-02-14 08:50:32
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The issue isn't quite that @Njca -- it is that bioweapons research has ALWAYS focused on how to differentiate targets from those you do not want targeted.

It goes all the way back to when the first colonists discovered that while Smallpox was very bad in Europeans and killed about 1/3rd of them in Native Americans it was nearly always fatal. Ever since that time every single bioweapons research program has one and only one focus -- finding a "tag" in the enemy that is not present in your people that makes them susceptible.

There was a body of thought for a good while that you could do the converse too -- vaccinate YOUR troops and then hose the other guy.

As we've learned more about viruses and mutations it became clear that the converse is dangerous and will eventually blow up in your face since you cannot control the circulation of the agent once its released. Mutation means that the odds your agent will eventually evade the vaccine is nearly 100%, and when that happens your people all die too.

But this means going the OTHER WAY suddenly becomes safe for the same reason; as the agent mutates it comes "off" the tagging and disappears, either causing mild disease or no disease at all.

Until these "vaccines", however, we've never had a tag discovered that was prevalent enough in an enemy and entirely absent in our population. Thus we never have found, despite trying like Hell since WWII and especially in the age of DNA and gene sequencing, to find a means of pointing a bioweapon ONLY at our enemy without killing our own people.

We just invented that tag and now we're putting in our people. If an enemy can exploit that WE ARE FUCKED.
2021-02-14 08:50:32