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User Info The West's Obituary; entered at 2021-02-14 00:13:53
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Registered: 2010-06-22 Houston, TX
When I was in seventh grade, my American History teacher told us that Grant had a five to one troop advantage over Lee. The North never needed to win a battle; it simply needed to lose troops at a rate lower than 5:1 and the South would run out of people.

There are one billion Chinese people. Half of them could die and there would still be more of them that there are Americans.

Were I the Chinese leadership I would have a secret group of researchers figuring out how to simply take out half the world population. The US and Europe dominate economically because the West benefits from the multiplier effect of a vertically integrated economy. This economy, however, relies heavily on a skilled work force. The West doesnt simply throw bodies at a task, it uses the right bodies. If any substantial portion of the skilled workers in the west die the system collapses. The Chinese can then waltz in, buy US assets with the money weve sent them and sail boats full of people to work in their newly acquired plants.

Trump had this right. Whatever other sins he may have committed, he got that China was not on our side in any matter.
2021-02-14 00:13:53