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User Info The West's Obituary; entered at 2021-02-13 21:37:14
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Well I said off and on last year but starting late spring early summer, that isn't it funny that we have most of our major corporations located in China in what was at the time deemed to be the danger zone?

meaning that the managers there on the ground definitely talk to the higher-ups and CEOs back here in the states...

Ultimately meaning that those CEOs those companies at Large knew what the
problem is they never went public they never said anything but you can bet your ass that they were in direct communications with everyone in DC including your false god Trump!

Both fake sides were more than likely briefed about what was happening back in 2019 and of course it's not that they really gave to shits about the Chinese people no no these companies went to DC and told politicians on either fake side all about how there's going to be a production problem!

but of course that's the situation no one wants to talk about no one wants to talk about the sheer fact that the executives of our companies that have production lines in China and frankly the rest of the world everywhere but here they knew what was happening no I don't buy into the Rona the way in which the US government is pushing it however I can say that people in different parts of the world are susceptible to dying from what you and I would consider the common cold!

The bottom line is GM Ford Chrysler GE etc etc saw people get sick on the production line and or fall over dead now if you believe that they did not say anything to DC you're a fucking idiot quite frankly!

So I can assure you that all of Congress all of the house and definitely the White House knew about the coming problem here in the states and most of the western world the corona crap has largely just been a cover for a retail problem due to production problems is it real yes can you get it yes can some people die from it sure but it's overall not half as bad as the common flu!

but then again karl pointed out we have white man's sanitation system, even the poorest of Americans have access to health care!

To be honest even the poorest of folks across the Western world have access to healthcare debatable exactly how the Chinese healthcare system functions most would assume that it doesn't function very well the truth of it is is when you have a population of a billion people it's going to be real difficult to try and take care of somebody is going to die!

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