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User Info The West's Obituary; entered at 2021-02-13 18:16:58
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Registered: 2020-04-21
The people who have died to date, mostly the elderly and infirmed, as a result of the "vaccine" were unintended kills. Unfortunate losses resulting from the multiple toxic assaults loaded into the shots. The big prize is the mass death that will inevitably follow six months to a year down the road. Through pathogenic priming an otherwise innocuous but related wild virus or a subsequent shot (Government creeps are already talking about yearly COVID shots.) will be sufficient to push a lot of previously vaccinated people over the edge.
Of course, the die off will be sufficiently removed in time from the initial vaccinations to give room to deniability. Its not the vaccine, Fauci and his clowns will claim. Its some new variant . All the more reason for more vaccinations, they'll say.
Will Americans figure out the scam in time ? Before theyre all dead ?
2021-02-13 18:16:58