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2021-01-25 08:02 by Karl Denninger
in Covid-19 , 259 references Ignore this thread
Birx Rehab Tour
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Oh, now Birx claims she didn't actually produce all those slides she put forward.

What's next?  Will she claim she didn't ask for mask mandates?

Oh c'mon folks.  This is transparent hogwash.  So is the nonsense about needing 80%+ coverage of vaccines (and that infection is "worthless") before herd suppression occurs that her and Fauci have been running.  There is zero science behind that claim.


Never mind that we already have suppression right here in Tennessee; it's also evident in North and South Dakota along with myriad other states.  It is happening irrespective of whether a state or locale took mitigating steps or not, or how seriously they took them.  Specifically, South Dakota mandated nothing yet it had the same shape curve as everyone else -- including those who forcibly shut businesses, issued mask orders and closed schools.

How is it that with about 12% of the population allegedly infected there (if you believe the "positive test" numbers, which we know are garbage as they produce false positives somewhere between 66-75% of the time) these states have seen a cliff-style drop in infections, hospitalizations and deaths?  How is it that Tennessee is right behind them by a few weeks?  What's the common factor?  Latitude.  As you'd expect colder weather started there a bit earlier, people went inside and stopped getting Vitamin D from the sun a bit earlier, and they got hammered earlier.

We knew how to stop that in the spring and summer and told.... nobody.

I've been doing exactly that since spring with both outdoor exposure to the sun and now, in the cooler months, supplements.  I've been exposed to Covid-19 multiple times -- I've literally lost count from people who clearly had it, loss of taste and smell being the predominant way they knew it wasn't something else -- and I didn't get it.  I wore a mask around zero of them, and they wore one zero percent of the time around me.  I know I didn't get it.  I have antibody tests and I'm negative.

We knew very early on that somewhere between a third to a half or more of all people had some amount of pre-existing immunity despite not having antibodies, so their immunity had to be from some other virus.  We don't know which one but it's a fair bet it's one of the common circulating coronaviruses that cause colds and flus.

Maybe prophylaxis is why I didn't get it, maybe I'm one of the 50% that has a level of pre-existing immunity, or maybe I'm the luckiest SOB alive and managed to dodge every single viral particle in the air around me for nine months running.

Covid-19 has now joined those endemic viruses and will never, ever be gone.  Deal with it folks -- whether you like it or not, that's reality.  Drop a deuce (or a W88) on China if you'd like but do not forget that it was the NIH that was funding the research over there.  Guess who that means?  Fauci and his wife.  What does his wife do?  She's the chief of Bioethics at the NIH.  You'd think bioethics might have come into play when we're talking about doing gain-of-function research eh?

In addition we've now seen two clean "rescues" of people who were literally dying by a judge who ordered Ivermectin to be continued when a hospital tried to refuse.  Both cases in New York.  Why does a hospital have the right to refuse a patient's demand to use a legal medication?  If I can check myself out of the hospital "against medical advice" (I can) why can they refuse to give me something that I believe will work that is able to be legally prescribed and consumed in the United States?  When did we allow these assholes to arrogate to themselves the power to kill you by withholding that which you insist on and which is a lawful substance?  Exactly who's ass is it laying there in the bed anyway?

How many times do these so-called "experts" get to lie, and be proved liars, before you tell them all to go to Hell and mean it?

If you can't keep people alive with your "expert" advice then you obviously suck and there is no reason for anyone to listen to you.  What they have been mandating is clearly wrong since it is not working.  We've known for decades that masks do not work as source control and closing schools is catastrophically bad, among others.  Yet we let these people do it anyway.


If you think I'm going to believe their "vaccine" is safe based on nothing more than their claims, or that someone who has already had Covid and recovered should take the jab -- a wildly fanciful load of crap that has exactly zero scientific basis -- after I've already caught them lying and not caring about whether you and your loved ones live or die you're out of your fucking mind.