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Ebt wrote..
The 17th amendment was put there for a reason and the grass isn't necessarily greener on the other side.

In the old days, senators were chosen in "smoke-filled rooms" and state legislators proved especially vulnerable to corruption. They ended up with railroad company senators, oil company senators, United Fruit senators, and so on.

Would you really want that today? You would end up with Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Netflix senators.

They were still accountable to the state legislatures which were still accountable to their state residents. A state legislature will still act in its home state's interest. A popularly elected senator plays to the people from a national point of view, what he can bring home to them from Washington, dividing the pie so to say. That is the job of the house members among other things. The senator is not to be about money to the detriment of his more important role. Making both house and senate about money to a large degree makes Washington too powerful. It is really the only tool that Washington has to control the country.

State legislatures have grown more corrupt, not less, due to this change. Severing their direct link to Washington caused them to turn inside of themselves and play graft and influence games. Essentially, the state legislatures lost the ability to roughly fifty percent govern the country and every member of them ultimately aspires to national politics as a result in the form of elected office or some appointment. This is where the real money is.

State legislatures must now be bought, not convinced.

A senator accountable to the state legislature is ensuring that the autonomy of the state and ultimately the will of its people is not subordinated to national politics. Absent this, the senator is forced to compete for popular votes by subordinating his state to Washington. He has no other logical option.

Do you see the problem? It forces senators to buy votes and the state's people are forced to settle for nothing more.

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2020-10-14 06:36:30