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"If you can fine me for not wearing a mask why is buttfucking without a condom not a felony?" - Tickerguy
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Just had a thought. Why not so many Covid19 cases in China, and throughout much of Asia and parts of the rest of the world.

Covid19 was made in a lab. There could be 3 strains

1. Assassination Grade - like what they hit them with in Wuhan initially + the Iranian politicians in Feb
2. A bad strain. What we have had here, Brazil, Europe.
3. A benign strain. Doesn't do anything, but makes you immune.

Spread the bad strain here + throughout the world. But aggressively spread the benign strain through China and much of Asia.

And there you go. Explains exactly what we've seen.

Why does Fauci, CDC, NIH not pick up on it? Quite possibly because they're in on it. Globalists, get rid of Trump, depopulate, move the world towards wherever WHO, UN, et al think it needs to go.
2020-10-13 22:43:24