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"If you can fine me for not wearing a mask why is buttfucking without a condom not a felony?" - Tickerguy
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User Info Not So Supreme (Podcast, Audio Only); entered at 2020-10-13 19:32:28
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As for Harris not qualifying, based on Karl's response to my post, it would seem to be a "natural born" citizen" would mean you must be born on US soil and at least 1 parent must be a us citizen at the time. Not sure if that is the case and from the little I read, being born on US soil makes one a natural born citizen and have been so since the constitutional convention. Natural born springs from its usage during English rule from English common law.
Not trying to nit pick this but I think such details are important if the rule of law is to govern the land.
2020-10-13 19:32:28