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"Since the Constitution is now ignored the age-old practice of corruption of blood has been reinstated" - Tickerguy
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User Info The Age of Witchcraft; entered at 2020-09-11 08:28:47
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Registered: 2019-03-20 Eldersburg
A few years ago I wrote to you asking that you organize gatherings in Washington. It was after I read your post where you criticized us all for going on a Sunday, when no politician is even in DC, and then we leave. You wrote about our useless approach. I asked you to figure out a way to change that and even put forth a possible idea. Maybe last names ending with some letter(s) march on the 14th, and the next set on the 15th, and so on. But I asked you to use your platform to organize. I never saw that from you. It's not your responsibility for sure. But the reality is that leaders aren't appointed; they exist because others are willing to follow them. I submit that yelling for everyone to "just go" with no direction won't work out well as evidenced by the lack of progress to-date.

I work for an organization that's involved in research and science. I sent you a direct email asking you proofread a message I wanted to forward. In that message I was going to donate part of my salary to fund the research necessary to prove or disprove claims. I never heard back. It's not your responsibility for sure, but the message also never got sent.

I would love to forward your posts, but they are so riddled with disgust that they can't be forwarded. Without the past 10-12 years of reading your posts, and gaining that context, no one can get past this disgust. I've tried and been met with many people questioning who I am for reading your posts and listening to your podcasts.

While your posting has tapered off and seems to have all but ended, I would like to encourage you to stick with the facts, provide recommendations, and do so in a shareable manner. It would be incredibly helpful.

Be well, be blessed, live long, and Godspeed!
2020-09-11 08:28:47