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"Since the Constitution is now ignored the age-old practice of corruption of blood has been reinstated" - Tickerguy
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User Info It Is Time To Choose; entered at 2020-09-06 15:14:28
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@m1919a2 ....don't forget 300 Blackout :)

No one seems to want to solve this problem and/or admit their initial projections of COVID were wrong. Right now there is no power in "yes" or "compromise," there is only power in "no." Stoking the fear of COVID is allowing Marxist authoritarian fantasies on all sides to come true it seams. And everyone in DC is in ass covering mode is seems.

The Left is using the riots and supposed "racial injustice" to embolden their base ...and paying them off with aid at a level more of what most were making as Baristas, or teachers, or thieves...or whatever they were doing. They are using COVID to enforce their will and try to make people fall in line (sheeple?). And no one can convince me that they are not trying to keep the economy purposfully depressed till after the election. Also, if everything stays shut down young people can have the time to go out and "protest." And they can release low level criminals so they won't get they can go out and "protest."

Most of the lower wage workers who still have jobs that I know are actually loving the power the new rules give them...they get to yell at people and kick them out of stores for not following's an authoritarian dream come true.

The Right is using the same social unrest and COVD fear to try to shuffle more of the moderates to the Right. The skilled white collar workers, regardless of political affiliation, have decided they like "working from home" and getting paid the same amount pre-COVID and don't want to spend 40-60 hrs cooped up in an office again.

Me...I'm stockpiling food and and picked up the hobby of building ARs...I'm actually thinking of leaving corporate America on the East Coast and moving back to the Midwest and coming a gunsmith/armorer. I've also started fishing and camping again like I did in my comes back quick and feels great to cook up a Bass for dinner.

If I put my conspiracy theory hat on, I start to think that the political/controlling class WANTS this thing to turn hot...they want the guns. Their idea of a proper 2A is a six shooter with one bullet in your pocket...or held by the sheriff.
2020-09-06 15:14:28