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User Info PROOF: #Covid19, Absent Manslaughter, IS THE FLU; entered at 2020-08-30 17:41:09
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@Njca - What's especially galling is that there are known nutritional links that are easy, inexpensive and extraordinarily safe -- and may be prophylactic to at least some degree. I've been running that protocol myself because it's cheap (pennies a day) and I see zero downside to it. It may do nothing, but then again I'm reasonably sure I've been exposed at least twice, and have yet to get it. Whether that's just luck and the claim of this thing being crazy-easy to transmit is total horse**** (which I think is actually quite-likely) or whether the prophylaxis worked to ward it off doesn't matter, really.

There are also extraordinarily safe medications that can be used immediately upon confirmed exposure or infection. They're almost as safe as the supplements, and MAY work. They also may not. But, since they're nearly as safe as a sugar pill (Ivermectin in particular, which has had close to 4 BILLION doses consumed worldwide since it was certified) and they're dirt cheap on top of it why would you NOT make the attempt? Since the current testing is basically worthless (never mind volunteering yourself for a nice database outside of your control) I have refused to go do that, but if I was to become symptomatic I'd presume it was Covid and act accordingly. Might it not work? Certainly; there's no guarantee. But I doubt very much that what I would intend to do would hurt me, once again, so it's all odds of reward and very little odds of harm.

Finally, for those who it APPEARS are getting into trouble there are therapies to deal with THAT too. Specifically, we've known for the last four months that a huge percentage of those who this thing kills are in fact killed by clotting disorders. We know how to treat those and have known for decades. Exactly HOW effective that treatment is again is subject to some speculation and THAT is something you don't do at home, but at the point you know you're in that kind of trouble you're in a hospital anyway. The primary risk there is a bleed, which in a small percentage of cases can be extremely serious or even kill you outright, especially if its cranial, but again if you have a 1% chance of such a thing happening and a 10% chance of the disease in its current state killing you, well, I'll take the 1% thank you very little and if it cuts the death rate by more than 10% then it's a win. The evidence, incidentally, is that it's roughly a 30% decrease in death risk, so it's a DEFINITE win.

Note that all of these statistics I put forward assume NO prophylaxis AND that the "standard of care" is what everyone uses, which is asinine but it is what it is -- in other words, sit at home and until you exhaust ALL of your excess pulmonary capacity do nothing. IF that happens THEN go to the hospital. Well, **** that, but even with that intentional refusal to treat or use prophylaxis the bug is STILL no more lethal than the flu PROVIDED you don't shove it into vulnerable people.

In other words there is no reason to be scared of this thing at all!
2020-08-30 17:41:09