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"The Constitution is hereby repealed by diktat of nine" - Roberts, 05-29-2020
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User Info Covid19 Testing: It Is Now A SCAM; entered at 2020-07-25 12:09:54
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Well suppose that this drug coverage order,(basically dictating the price)

only superficially lowers the price in terms of yeah okay for the drugs that are currently out there sure, they're going to cost a lot less, but of course what's going to become the motivation of the drug companies basically the producers of said drugs?

Oh hell no I'm not siding with the drug companies, but if course they've been on this massive gravy train for how many years? 40! I mean we all know they don't want to get off of that!

So I guess basically what I'm getting at is won't they just artificially create a shortage, by selling the drugs to other nations? even out of retaliation and then use the big excuse of the shortage as a means to demand more money?
and then perhaps either this administration caves or congress at large caves or the next group of idiots cave and they get their said raise? but then of course we know that's never going to be enough so they'll just do this periodically right?

I don't know, Do you have any thoughts of what could be on the other side of these orders say the next 3-6 months?

I mean if anything, okay perhaps they get the cost down and the pharmaceuticals decide okay we've scammed people long enough, we've made enough money alright we'll we'll go ahead and go with it okay...

Even in Fantasyland, if the pharmaceutical corporations went with it, how long do you suppose it extends medicare's existence 3 to 6 months as in Medicare is still going to go broke, in other words I don't really see where this is going to do ****!!

it looks to me like it's just more political theater, "oh look this guy is totally conservative, cuz he's at least pretending to save money"! you know the biggest problem with the majority of government programs is not necessarily so much the benefit they're dealing out it's actually more so all of the ****ing staff they've got you know the bloat of idiots in offices doing nothing!!

Back and 16 I was a civilian worker at dscc (defense Supply center Columbus)
Long story short it's a military base filled with morons who mostly watch YouTube all day! these morons that I'm referring to are civilian workers! however the majority of them are ex-military that's how they got their job because they have hiring preference!

The bottom line is, is if you've seen it in one government agencies I'm pretty positive it's throughout all government agencies!

so yes you are thoughts what do you think it looks like three to six months after these orders? Any haunches, predictions?
2020-07-25 12:09:54