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"The Constitution is hereby repealed by diktat of nine" - Roberts, 05-29-2020
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User Info Covid19 Testing: It Is Now A SCAM; entered at 2020-07-25 11:41:03
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@Jeepguy -- Trump loves anything that allows someone to rob somebody.

Remember the three bullet points in his campaign on medical -- which all disappeared on election night?

Well, we'll see what his executive orders from yesterday do. I can see that one from a Medicare standpoint, in that Medicare is going to collapse within 2-3 years at current trends (was 4 years, but they have put a fork in that with this bull**** going on now) and when it does the entire government runs the risk of getting shot as you're going to have a lot of old people with nothing to lose and who are going to die anyway.

That's when government learns the "All the rest are free" lesson writ large -- and he knows it.

This Covid crap is a very nice scam; the test only has value to the patient if you get immediate results. If you don't it's value to you is zero.
2020-07-25 11:41:03