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"The Constitution is hereby repealed by diktat of nine" - Roberts, 05-29-2020
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User Info Covid19 Testing: It Is Now A SCAM; entered at 2020-07-25 11:37:19
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Registered: 2020-02-07 Ohio
Karl, what exactly is your thoughts on Trump never firing doctor foul **** and why that might be?

Do you think that the scam goes completely to the top Trump included?
(Not a loaded question) just looking for an honest opinion!

yes, I personally believe it goes straight to the top, but I also believe that there's other forces behind this, and no that does not mean that I'm making excuses nor am I giving anyone a pass. I don't care if it happens to be someone else's favorite politician they're not getting a pass if they're partaking they're *******s!!

**** Q and the QTARDS!

Karl back to you!
2020-07-25 11:37:19