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"The Constitution is hereby repealed by diktat of nine" - Roberts, 05-29-2020
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User Info Covid19 Testing: It Is Now A SCAM; entered at 2020-07-25 11:31:25
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Now there's been numerous medical scams going on, medical scam number one if you ask me happens to be diabetes you know the big disease everyone's been freaking about for the past what 15 years?

Now hear me out....

the reason I make such a claim is because well I had an experience last year, I had a back / leg injury I have no idea could have been a pensioner if I never got to the bottom of it the bottom line is....

I went in for treatment they wanted to check my blood whatever they did they tried it three different times each time they kept saying I had diabetes....

I'll admit I could lose a little weight, bottom line is I ended up going to another hospital / doctor organization in another town,seeking a second opinion they took my blood and of urine sample yada yada and guess what I'm not even close to having diabetes!

unfortunately they did put me on blood pressure medicine but that has been stopped...

35 years of age so yes I agree I'm not healthy wow unfortunately I do smoke cigarettes and I enjoy beer...

is it preventable in terms of high blood pressure yes you are 100% correct I agree but that does not mean that I have diabetes here's the deal they're going around and telling a hell of a lot of people in the past 15 years or diabetes you have diabetes you have diabetes oh hey look everyone it's a national epidemic and blah blah blah blah!!

yeah it's like for instance boy they've really lowered the standards on BMI haven't they let it get that **** rigged to make their little pandemic of obesity coupled with diabetes and high blood pressure work!!

personally I'm not too worried about high blood pressure because well it runs in my family whether you drink or smoke my grandmother never smoked a cigarette in a day of her life and only very rarely had a little bit of beer and possibly a little wine... Yep she ended up with high blood pressure and heart problems!

And she was not overweight!

heart problems and high blood pressure etcetera etcetera even cancer runs on both sides of my family! I can totally agree that smoking and consuming adult beverages can definitely******off whatever Gene, I'm sure that causes that stuff to go nuts however it also occurs to me that a lot of people salt and sugar kicks their ass I'm not going to stand there and count carbs all ****ing day!!

but I will say is that it occurs to me that when there's constant harping and me even more harping and idiots going completely out of their way to blab about certain things continuously like obesity and diabetes in this and that in terms of the medical establishment not bloggers...

It's more than time to fall with a manic you know it's like for instance there's been exercise diet fag crazes in the past!
my grandparents were in the bicycle business back in the 70s and 80s my father worked in that shop and I can tell you that in the mid-to-late seventies there was a huge big deal about the stationary bicycle exercise machine everybody wanted one....

Early to mid 80s guess what it hit again...

but I can remember that this diet fag arrangement got started somewhere in the late nineties and it's never went away in the medical community has been right there blabbing and blabbing even more every day every month every year all about how we're all going to ****ing die from pretty much everything I mean it's getting to the point to where if you have a cup of tea oh my God you're going to get type 2 diabetes!!

I'm just saying hey there's a hell of a lot of emphasis placed on this in there has been for quite some time and by the way it's been conducted and very similar mannerisms as the covid bull****!!

I can remember back in the 90s and then they brought it up again in the early 2000s you know everybody had cholesterol cholesterol was the big deal remember that they're all over TV radio whatever trying to sell you a cholesterol vitamin supplements like garleek brand garlic are there any actual medical community AKA also known as the pharmaceutical community was pushing cholesterol pills down everyone's ****ing throat it's amazing the we didn't take cholesterol medicine when we were in a ****ing teens when I was growing up!!

I myself seriously have not trusted medical so-called professionals for a very long time dating back to my teenage years because boy oh boy did they put in phasis on certain stupid ****, and I noticed that they've never changed they're just getting worse!!

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