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"Since the Constitution is now ignored the age-old practice of corruption of blood has been reinstated" - Tickerguy
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User Info Finito On The Covid Nonsense; entered at 2020-07-17 12:49:29
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Registered: 2014-09-24 SW Ohio

On the local forum I posted this:

What if the physical facts are that virus particles are so small that masks are rendered a worse than useless exercise?

What if there have been multiple Randomized Controlled Trials (RCT) since the 1918 flu demonstrating the failure of masks yet not a single RCT can be found indicating success with masks preventing a virus, including COVID-19?

What if some of the premier experts told us earlier this year that masks were useless against a virus, only to recently reverse themselves?

What if our ancestors expected that a situation such as appeared this year would be dealt with by republican state governments holding legislative hearings with all the available facts then crafting and passing laws for the executive to follow, rather than with diktats issued from on high in similar fashion as those heaped on this land by King George III?

What if our ancestors would have tarred and feathered political critters that would assume we can't-as adults-decide matters for ourselves through legislative representation, instead of meekly accepting being treated-and ordered about-as children?

What if our governor was wrong when he declared that "the jury is in" regarding face masks when that "jury" was not given all available facts and study results?

What if the governor actually used an apt metaphor (jury) for an apparently corrupt process of determination, since recent events confirm widespread judicial corruption across the land?

What if Governor DeWine decides to once again order an economic lockdown, despite all the evidence that countries without lockdowns have similar results as those under government ordered restrictions, especially since many more businesses may be forced to shut down forever?

What if the true beneficiaries of governmental lockdowns are the huge corporations that feast on the remains of small family businesses ruined by government lockdowns, such as Amazon, Wal-Mart, Kroger's, and the like?

And here is the sole response, so far:

What if we all act like adults and just wear the damn mask?

And my reply (my patience is wearing mighty thin...):

If you define adult behavior as meaning blind thoughtless obedient submission to government edicts issued by lying, flawed, and corrupt government experts that have been repeatedly wrong, well, be free to carry on...

On the other hand, if there was a thought process behind your decision to submit to mask wearing, please share the basis of your conclusion.

In light of the lack of Randomized Controlled Trials since the 1918 flu indicating any anti-virus benefit from wearing a mask, I look forward to looking at the factual basis underlying your decision.

2020-07-17 12:49:29