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"Since the Constitution is now ignored the age-old practice of corruption of blood has been reinstated" - Tickerguy
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User Info Finito On The Covid Nonsense; entered at 2020-07-17 12:37:47
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@Karl - we've had it too easy for too long. People have forgotten what a struggle life actually is when you remove all the conveniences of modern living. Complacency, normalising the deviant, allowing ****ing Marxists to run our countries into the ground, people apparently forgetting (or never learning) that ANY action carries risk and that viruses are a normal part of life. It can't continue.

And these people are going to get a REALLY nasty wake-up call. I struggle to have ANY sympathy for them, however, I'm just beyond caring now. Just wish the rest of us didn't have to get taken along for the ride as usual, but that seems to be the way it works.

I wonder how many of us, if we survive, will be willing to help pick up the pieces for them, assuming we don't just wipe ourselves off the face of the planet? My bet would be 'not many'.

More to the point, I wonder which way it'll go. Full collapse as the elites realise they don't have as much control as they believed? Nuclear war (most likely triggered by Winnie the Pooh, who I can't imagine is on-board with the globalists' plans)? Or will they get their tech dystopia and force the remaining people to live in horrible smart cities, monitored and controlled at every turn?

The way it's going right now, I'd say we already have more than just our foot in the door on option 3.

Anyone reading this will probably note the conspicuous absence of a fourth option: we win and manage to avoid the inevitable carnage by educating people and turning everyone against the elites. But since that's a plot I wouldn't even write for a book because it's too unrealistic... yeah, that one's not even on the table.
2020-07-17 12:37:47