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User Info Corruption Much? (NIH); entered at 2020-06-11 10:21:46
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Registered: 2010-03-28 Oklahoma
They are successfully keeping the pandemic alive. Just scan some headlines. There's always somebody testing positive for a scare. Fear the second wave. I have been getting regular e-mails from my congressman. Keep in mind my congressman is dumb as a rock and is just forwarding the party talking points. It says we will be continue to be threatened till there is a vaccine. It says we have done 22 million tests. A huge chunk of the e-mail is to blame China. If China would have just warned us earlier "the wrath of this invisible enemy could have been quelled and lives protected worldwide". I doubt being warning would have made any difference.

So here we are. Government officials are still 100% focused on terrorizing the people till we have a vaccine. No government official is admitting their response has caused far more damage than the disease. None are accepting that HCQ/zinc when used early ends the entire crisis.
2020-06-11 10:21:46