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User Info No, It's Not Going Away; entered at 2020-04-09 09:25:15
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Karl - low carb is great, that's how I regained my health. But in my opinion what's better for restoring health is intermittent fasting. Regaining insulin sensitivity to lower insulin levels is accomplished by not ingesting substances that raise blood sugar and thus raise insulin. That's how low carb diets work - carbs are macronutrient that raise insulin levels the most. But all foods raise insulin levels to some degree so the best tactic is to not eat at all... if your blood sugar does not elevate then your pancreas has no need to produce insulin and insulin regains its effectiveness, much like how a person going cold turkey with alcohol will lose their tolerance for it.

You mentioned that you don't eat until noon and that's actually a very good method of intermittent fasting... a 4 hour to 8 hour eating window gives your body 16 to 20 hours without needing insulin and your body can heal from a lifetime of a crappy diet. If a person were to adopt an intermittent fasting protocol, eat low carb and avoid vegetable oils they will be as healthy as they've ever been.

Some people might not know they have a problem with insulin resistance, you can be skinny but still be diabetic and fortunately there's an easy way to tell without expensive tests. Get a lipid panel done ($30) and look at the triglycerides and HDL. You want to see trigs under 100 and HDL over 50. You also want to see the trig/HDL ratio under 2.0, preferably well under 2. The last time I looked at this for me my trigs were 55, HDL was 66 and my ratio was 0.083. I will live forever.

I'm currently doing what I'm calling the Coronavirus Challenge - at the beginning of this month I went to One Meal A Day (OMAD) and I'll do this until the end of April. My one meal is dinner and I shove as much food as I can down my throat at that time. Even though I was low carb before my pants are already falling off me. This challenge is great for newbies because it really is a great way to regain insulin sensitivity fast. Doing this I would bet that a person could become metabolically healthy in 2 weeks. I used to be fat, have asthma, hand tremors, suffer from hayfever and my eyesight was going bad. Not only did low carb and fasting solve these issues my eyesight has improved to the point were I legit no longer need glasses. How many people out there can say that their eyesight improved naturally as they got older (I'm 54).

What you said in your ticker is the straight truth. Healthcare becomes almost unnecessary once you regain your metabolic health. In 13 years I've seen the doctor once - I cut my hand an needed stitches. Without that my spending on healthcare has been about $250 - for lab tests and the occasional bandaid. I can't recommend low carb and fasting highly enough.
2020-04-09 09:25:15