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User Info Hypothesis: Hospitals ARE The Vector @RealDonaldTrump; entered at 2020-03-29 12:14:57
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... which is completely worthless since a huge percentage of infected never run a fever but can shed virus out their ass.

You cannot accurately identify infected. READ THE PAPER I LINKED. A huge percentage of the workers were infected BEFORE THE FIRST PATIENT SHOWED UP and many of them NEVER ran a fever.

You have to interrupt transmission in the health care system and the ONLY way to do that is to stop focusing on whether someone is clinically sick; YOU HAVE TO TREAT EVERY PERSON AND SURFACE AS A SOURCE OF INFECTION ALL THE TIME in that environment, and act accordingly.

Thus the protocol I pointed out.

Otherwise the health system HAS BEEN and WILL CONTINUE TO be a concentration and distribution mechanism -- and very a effective one.
2020-03-29 12:14:57