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User Info Hypothesis: Hospitals ARE The Vector @RealDonaldTrump; entered at 2020-03-28 12:48:38
Posts: 284
Registered: 2013-03-11 Bern, Switzerland
italy and spain have a very centralized and bureaucratic health care system. big hospitals and offices and people routinely have to queue for hours to get a piece of paper and then queue for more hours to deliver it to another office. and apparently they havent discovered stuff like "appointments" as is normal that you are told to show u at 8AM and then you have to spend hours in crowded waiting rooms.
last year i was in spain in holidays and my son got sick with high fever. we had to spend some 10 hours in a waiting room of maybe 250 sqft together with at least 40 ppl.
you can clearly see the results of all thisin the death toll.
i have family in spain. one relative lives in a retirement house. one folk there got sick and was hospitalized. they tested him for the virus only after 4 days he was in, they had to quarantine the whole ward.
14 out of 50 ppl got infected and a few passed away already.
italian and spanish hospitals are veritable bacteriological bombs.
here in switzerland they were smart enough to close down hospitals quite early. first you call, then they will tell you what to do. it works much better.
2020-03-28 12:48:38