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User Info Hypothesis: Hospitals ARE The Vector @RealDonaldTrump; entered at 2020-03-28 12:27:27
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The only way to get step-function linear line segments in what should be a parabolic curve is if there are concentration points where enough of the transmission is being initiated so what would otherwise be a smooth parabola is interrupted.

Well, we closed all those potential places - mass gathering, etc. All gone. Bars and restaurants aren't big enough to produce that sort of concentration point but we closed those too anyway and played "social distancing" in the (false) belief that this was where the transmission was coming from.

What's left?


The step function line segments are still there and haven't changed. In fact they're what has driven the curve since the beginning of this.

Hospitals haven't taken over from other sources they've been the primary source since this started.

That's where it was always coming from.

2020-03-28 12:27:27