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User Info ITALY IS A DISASTER!; entered at 2020-03-25 18:08:09
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PPE and protocol:

1. Wear a SURGICAL (not N95) mask. This doesn't prevent inhaling droplets -- it prevents you from touching your mouth. They have plenty of those, by the way.

2. WASH HANDS with water and soap (hibiclens?) before and after EACH patient interaction. NO EXCEPTIONS, PERIOD, FULL STOP.

3. After EACH patient departs exam table the table is cleaned with viricidal cleaner before the next one. Immediately following such cleaning the person doing it (whether env services or the doctor/nurse) washes hands AGAIN.

4. If in a room with someone and you have no PPE, and they are discovered positive (either at the time or later) but NOT coughing or otherwise producing large-volumes of aerosols you DO NOT need to isolate unless your exposure exceeds FIFTEEN MINUTES.

5. STOP the "all hands" meetings in the HX (e.g. status, etc); distance those. Why? One person ****s up hygiene coming in the room they spread it through all the surfaces and now you all have it.

6. Gowns/face shields/etc are only necessary for high-aerosol procedures (e.g. intubations, etc.)

This was SK protocol. Their rate of nosocomial transmission went to an effective ZERO.

Guess what this tells you? The transmission path is mostly fecal/oral.

The problem isn't PPE. It's being transmitted through ****.
2020-03-25 18:08:09