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User Info ITALY IS A DISASTER!; entered at 2020-03-25 17:46:19
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@Jollyrogers -- I said double the Italian death rate. It's still 2% of those who die of all causes naturally in Italy in a year.

Want me to really make you bawl your eyes out? I can make you want to ban cars. Easily. What -- 40,000 fatal crashes a year in the US alone? How many heads that have a piece of a table that fell off some other vehicle go through them, or the result of a guardrail impalement do I need to run on the Ticker for you before you sign on?

The fact is that Italy has been claimed to be the worst-case scenario. People dying, an overloaded medical system, the whole bit. Well, they got it. Ok.

So what?

Seriously -- it's 1% of their normal mortality rate. See that nice red line in the graph above? It's trending downward .vs. where it usually is this time of year!

Look at the PREVIOUS years. They got gang-banged with flu-related deaths. This isn't even on the radar by comparison!

That's right -- even with all the screaming and crying fewer Italians are dying than modeled and expected for this time of year! Even WITH Coronavirus.

What the ****?

As for the PPE issue read my other Ticker. PPE isn't the issue. Handwashing is. South Korea proved this. Their protocol was SURGICAL masks (do NOT prevent inhaling droplets, only you EXHALING THEM ON OTHERS) and a ****-ton of handwashing. No PPE and within the same room but not in personal contact (touch)? If not more than THIRTY MINUTES no need for quarantine or self-isolation with a suspected or tested positive case.

Number of infections this produced?


Guess why?

This virus is mostly spread through ****-eating, not vapor phase. AS I SAID I SUSPECTED ORIGINALLY FROM THE DATA AVAILABLE WHEN IT FIRST STARTED.
2020-03-25 17:46:19