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"It's just a boxcar" - Himmler
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User Info ITALY IS A DISASTER!; entered at 2020-03-25 16:36:24
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"this will be worse than the Great Depression".

Look on the bright side: few, if any, probably nobody, will be able to employ 30 million illegals who are currently part of the socioeconomic Marxist system... Back home they go...Trade with China will dramatically decline to the point of wrecking China. No more "free trade". Good! Euroland will breakup and collectivism will suffer a catastrophic setback. That's what Click is praying for...

Meanwhile, what's a snowfake to do in a Great Depression? Well, the little fudge packers with Diversity College degrees will have to tough it out, toughen up or suffer some really severe consequences... The little Facebook ******s will have to eat meat and cut down some trees or go without dinner, a movie and a blowjob.

Ever watch the movie, "Sometimes a Great Notion" aka Never Give an Inch, starring Paul Newman? Yeah, the little pansy-assed snow flakes will have to relearn what it means to get your lazy ass out of bed at 4:30AM and cut ****ing wood... It'll be good for'em...
2020-03-25 16:36:24